#37 - 2020 Throwback

Without a doubt, this year 2020 has been one of the most unusual years for a long time. This whole situation of the covid pandemic has resulted in many of our plans being postponed until later. Anyway, even at the worst times, we have to do everything possible so that we don't let our soul "die".  

I passed on to 2021 the great plans that were pending this year and tried my best to make the most of every moment (whenever possible and respecting the imposed rules) to do what I like most - being in direct contact with nature, far from what I remind us of civilization. Fortunately I managed to have many unforgettable moments, some shared here on my website, others not, but I leave here a summary of some of them that will remain in my memory forever . 


After a few years ago being in this wonderful mountain range for canyoning, I came back but this time to get to know two of Freita's most emblematic routes on foot

I visited and dived in the biggest waterfall in mainland Portugal and I was dazzled by the beauty of solitude in the Magic Village of Drave.

Cascata Frecha da Mizarela

Cascata Frecha da Mizarela

A caminho de Drave

A caminho de Drave

Drave a Aldeia Mágica


I returned to one of my favorite places in Portugal, the happy village of São Mamede de Ribatua. I remembered the route of the Fragas Más trail that follows the Tua river and I combined an extreme day of canoeing, isolated with my squad in the middle of the Tua river, listening to the soundtrack of the film "Into the Wild" will be forever in my memory. 


In my "home" there is still a lot to explore. I continued in search of the best peaks in the Serra, having added a few more to my itinerary, followed the Wine route with a visit to the picturesque village of Azenhas do Mar and explored the great park of the majestic Monserrate Park. Very close and in times of confinement, I explored the beautiful Park of Belas, where nature tries to keep alive in the middle of the dark gray of the human hand.   


In my second "home", I come back whenever I can. This year, in addition to joining trails such as Javali and Poço do Inferno trails, I achieved one of the goals I had for some time, to climb on foot to the highest point of mainland Portugal crossing the entire Zêzere Glacier Valley.

I also traveled the emblematic Rota das Faias in autumn, but still without the golden colors that make this route magical every year around this time. I will definitely return in another year, at the right time.

I also had unforgettable moments of watching the sunrise, sunset and a very special autumn picnic in the beautiful Rossim Valley all by ourselfs, and several baths in the cold waters of the Serra's lagoons and river beaches in the summer.


I traveled part of the Fishermen's trail along our Alentejo coast, allowing me to be mesmerized by the beauty of these trails that allow us to have the ocean as a travel companion.


Through the West Zone, which has so much to explore, I walked through some routes that are part of the mythical Lines of Torres, walking like Don Quixote between windmills and battlefields

I walked the Maceira escarpments on a route where the sea rises to the sky


I explored some places near Lisbon where the presence of rocky cavities and caves make these places a must-visit. On hiking routes through Olelas and Serra da Carva I found some of these peculiar caves.


In Porto de Mós I crossed an old railway turned into an ecopista, and met Elias' hut, a mythical place located in the middle of the forest and which peacefully awaits the visit of hikers who pass by there.



Through Spain I got to know the unique and emblematic Tunnel Route - Rota dos Tuneis. 17 km of tunnels and bridges, I crossed the old train line that connected La Fregeneda to Barca D'Alva, making it without a doubt one of the most beautiful routes I have ever taken.

I end by leaving here the votes for a different new year (on the positive side) and that all the goals that you had for 2020 are achieved in 2021. Do not forget to enjoy every moment because today we are here, tomorrow maybe not.


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