#35 - Breathing in Belas's lung

ponte mata de belas

In the troubled times in which we live, with constant confinements, circulation limits, controlled schedules, we are obliged to adapt our daily lives and especially the practice of our hobbies to these rules, looking for solutions close to us. This was one of the solutions I found for a day when it was only allowed to circulate until 1pm. Near Lisbon there are several places where nature prevails and stands out among the cement. This is one of them ... Mata de Belas.

The route me and my friend Luís Miguel took starts next to the Belas cemetery, is about 11km long, circular and extremely easy to do. Advisable for families and walks with pets.

Among pines, cork oaks we walk among the pure vegetation of the forest, passing by a small waterfall and even a rope swing that, in hot times, invites us to jump to the lagoon. It's Autumn and the water was cold (and not too deep) so I decided not to risk it.   

ponte na mata de belas

mata de belas

cascata na mata de belas

lagoa mata de belas

We also passed several points of interest such as the Fonteireira aqueduct, Casal da Carregueira, Jamor river and all the beautiful natural landscape that accompanies us on the route. The autumn orange colors contrast with the green still present in the vegetation, creating a beautiful landscape.

aqueduto Fonteireira

mata de belas

mata de belas

mata de belas ribeira jamor

This is a very beautiful route, with some variants for those who want to explore them, very close to Lisbon 

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