#34 - Exploring Caves near Lisbon - Olelas


Grutas de olelas

Close to Lisbon there is a small village called Olelas where we can find two caves, not very deep, located in the valley of Calada, inserted in an enormous landscape beauty

The route I took, is about 9km, circular and not signposted. It starts in Vale de Lobos and follows the Piedade da Serra maintenance circuit. There are various maintenance equipment on the circuit for those who want to warm up for the walk.

circuito manutenção vale de lobos

circuito manutenção vale de lobos

proteger a floresta circuito manutenção vale de lobos

At the exit of the circuit, the road is made on asphalt to Olelas, but practically without traffic and, at some point, at the highest point, with a very beautiful view of the forest on the left side, escarpments on the right side and in front, in the distance, the Pena Palace.

Nossa Senhora da Piedade da Serra

campo agricula

Flores flowers

caminho  estrada road

Upon reaching the village of Olelas we find Rua das Grutas, following this path in the direction of Serra de Olelas, between vegetation and rocks, we will go to the calada valley. Here we find the two caves called Cova da Raposa and Cova do Biguino. Not very large but set in a very beautiful landscape. 

rua das grutas olelas

serra de olelas

grutas de olelas vista para a serra de olelas

grutas de olelas

grutas de olelas

grutas de olelas

In the end, after returning from Olelas, the trail is very poorly maintained, covered with weeds, nettles, etc. Get ready to leave with some marks on your arms and legs. This trail will reach a forest, here already with a wide trail and without any problem crossing.

The return is made by the same maintenance circuit where we started and here we can stop at one of the several picnic spots that exist

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