#24 - Cabo Espichel - Chã dos Navegantes

PR1 SSB - Chã dos Navegantes is undoubtedly one of the best known routes in Cabo Espichel. As part of the Rota do Cabo route (part of the Atlantic Way), this route goes through dense vegetation, passing through the rocky escarpments of the Cape to the Fort of S. Domingos da Baralha which, despite being in ruins, is still present imposing.

Officially, this circular route has 5 km of medium difficulty, but it can be extended up to a distance of close to 8 km, with some slope in certain fields, which is advised to prepare physically to do so. At the starting point, the information board is non-existent (only its structure is present), so we started the journey in the opposite direction, next to the Church of Nossa Senhora do Cabo and heading towards the sea.


Passing through a first stretch of dense vegetation we reach the huge cliffs that allow us to have a phenomenal view over the sea. following some km next to it and passing the limestone cliffs we arrive at Chã dos Navegantes, a level flattened and carved in the rocky escarpment of the southern coast of Cabo Espichel of unique beauty and on which we can walk.

Not far away we can see the Fort of S. Domingos da Baralha, strategically positioned over the bay of Baleeira, served as the first defense of the Arrábida coast.

after climbing to the fort, we return to flat land now, green and planted, accompanied by animals that graze there freely

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