NÓMADAS #5 - Diogo and Filipa in NORTH KOREA

Diogo and Filipa are a young couple who have traveled around the world, passed through the Americas, Europe, Oceania, Africa, Antarctica and Asia and it is on this continent that today's rubric of "Nomads", a trip to North Korea, is focused, a country full of rules but that didn't stop them from doing this adventure.

Why choose this destination?

For the challenge of the unknown that turned out to be a time travel

Short itinerary and points of interest of the trip?

Roadmap - Beijing (flight) Pyongyang - Pyongsong - Kaesong - DMZ - Pyongyang (train) Beijing (we stayed 5 days in North Korea)

Points of interest - Statues of leaders + Mausoleum + visit to supermarket + bowling + DMZ + Torre Juch

Two or three moments that marked you most during the trip?

Everything, it is impossible to mention just 2 or 3 moments, but generalizing, it is all a theater, a farce set up for you to watch, since arriving at an airport full of people waiting for those from outside, but if no one can leave, they are waiting. waiting from whom? For example, you cannot cross the street alone, you can only take pictures of certain situations, women have the same rights as men, but when a woman lights a cigarette it is "suggested" to put it out ... On our website you have all "facts" as we call them about everything we live there (

The biggest difficulties you faced?

You are not free to walk at ease.

Curiosities regarding differences in culture?

It is a journey through time, back to the 40s and 50s ... everything is different, starting with the hunger that Koreans go through.

What not to forget to take to this destination?

Education and respect for the rules.

What time of year was it? Do you advise this or another time?

We went in April / May in the spring and it was quite cold and there is no heating. It must be nice to go in summer or fall as well, but the essential thing is to go when allowed.

If he came back what would he do differently?

I would stay longer if I could!

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