NÓMADAS #2 - Nuno Sousa in MOROCCO

In the second edition of Nómadas we will meet the adventurer Nuno Sousa, a solo traveler who set out on a 22-day adventure in which he traveled alone, in his van, through the deserts and villages of Morocco towards Western Sahara until the Tropic of Cancêr.

Why choose this destination?

The choice had to do with several factors, but the main three were: Because this imaginary line is located in the middle of the Sahara in Africa. Because it would become the southernmost point on the planet that I managed to reach with my dear van, but mainly to FEEL the power of the desert!

Short itinerary and points of interest for your trip?

I didn't take a predefined route. It was the second time in Africa. And when we talk about Africa, we talk about another reality.

But my initial idea for these 22 days was to cross the Moroccan backbone towards the famous and very high dunes of the Sahara designated by ERgs, to later descend towards the western Sahara, penetrating this until reaching the tropic of cancer and, if there was time, continue to the border with Mauritania.

Two or three moments that marked you most during the trip?

It is difficult to list since it is an extensive story, but the most distressing was the first night in the Sahara by the sea. That is forbidden and illegal! I speak of two guns aimed at the head in the dark and many words of exaltation in Arabic. The twist is that that same day he had been extorted by the local police. Everything ended up being resolved! But I saw that this deserted part continues with relative peace.

The BEST along with the worst is undoubtedly the DESERT itself and everything that it involves and means for this continent. The bad part demonstrated that it is not anyone's territory patrolled and watched 24 hours a day by the military, but the part of it, going down below it shows us Africa at its best! That feeling of freedom to see reality. Since the scary sandstorms, the inhabitants who no longer look at you as a tourist but as someone who wants to be there. A lot was recorded in my DNA

The biggest difficulties you faced?

To have left alone for this adventure, since I became suspicious both for the security forces and created distrust of the locals.

The language barrier! Arabic is the predominant language and French as an alternative but little. But nothing that a good Portuguese does not go around.

Curiosities about cultural differences?

What touched me most culturally was not seeing the traditional Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations! As we know it in Europe. On a specific New Year's Day, I was somewhere in the Anti-Atlas between three villages and at nightfall only four spots of light survived, from the village mosques and my van! And so it stayed all night, without rockets or music ...

What not to forget to take to this destination?

Time and desire to know. And escape from what they are going to try to (force) sell ... There are areas where tourism is oppressive and ends up giving a bad image of the people who live there.

What time of year did you go? Do you advise this or another time?

I went in late 2019 and early 2020. The idea was to celebrate the turning of the year in the desert, which ended up not happening. But I think this is the quietest time and with the least tourists. There is a catch or if so, it is less hot but you can also get unstable weather (snow \ rain \ sandstorms). But I do advise.

If you came back what would you do differently?

It would do almost everything differently! Because when I go out in search of adventure it is to “Live a Story”

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