#23 - Memories of Freedom


In the times when we live where we all have a duty to stay at home in order to prevent the invisible enemy from spreading and causing further damage in the world, we can only remember moments of the past where freedom and happiness were constant and dream of these same moments in the future.
I leave here some of the photos that I like most moments recorded in these last years of total freedom.

I am lucky to live a few minutes from the Serra de Sintra, one of the most magical and beautiful places I know. Here I did my initiation and here I maintain my usual presence in these adventures in nature.

In Spain, more precisely in El Torcal de Antequera, I discovered scenarios unlike anything I had ever seen, rock formations that looked more like works of art. We were three adventurers eager to get lost in the stone mazes that surrounded us.

A little outside the scope of nature walks, however, I had to mention the visit to one of my favorite places in the world - Cuba. The culture and joy that its people exude is contagious and inexplicable, Havana a city in ruins but happy and the Cayos are small havens on Earth.


During a brief visit to one of the countries where the nature scenarios are among the most beautiful in the world, I was filled with dreams and fantasies where, in the near future, I would travel the winding paths between breathtaking mountains and turquoise colored lakes of this wonderful Switzerland.

Gerês ... a world of nature to explore, where we can find ourselves and feel far from everything that is negative in society. Pure, green and passionate.


Pieces of lived dreams that are now in pause mode waiting for the healthier and safer world to return to LIVE.

In my second home. I had a lot to publish but I leave only this one for contemplation - Serra da Estrela

Adrenaline moments in Cabo da Roca. As always reaching the highest points so that magic can happen

One of my favorite activities - canyoning - The resources in our country to practice this activity are numerous and I only know a tiny part.

I love the beach, the sun, the sea, but on days like this, windy, cold the beach has another charm, different but always inviting for a visit.

On my favorite walkway - Passadiços do Paiva - steeped in nature

Rio Tua, seen from the outside and inside. Canoeing moment on this river, which is one of the most beautiful and peaceful I know. Feeling of full peace.

Look at each sunrise and sunset always with the hope that tomorrow will be a better day and thank you for still being here healthy and full of the will to live

One thing is certain, when all of this negative is over, I will come back in strength to take you on your back, take care and protect


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