# 22 - From Railroad to Ecopista

Who would have thought that an old railroad, which used to transport coal from the Bezerra mines to the Porto de Mós thermoelectric power station, would give rise to such a well-structured Ecopista that allows fans of hiking, running and cycling to enjoy a healthy walk always surrounded by a huge scenic beauty.

The Porto Mós Ecopista is part of the PR7 - Pedestrian Trail of Corredora, a circular route extremely easy to do, consisting of 12km (7km in Ecopista). The start of the route can be done next to the soccer field of Bezerra or Parque da Merendas da Corredora. We chose to start next to the soccer field (8º50'38.156''W; 39º33'14.102''N) as it is a place with less movement and easy parking.

So we followed the first 7km through the Ecopista that develops along the top line in a dirt track and where we feel "swallowed" by the huge rugged rocks that surround us in some areas of the route. There are several viewpoints intelligently created along the route where we can appreciate various points of interest such as the Cabeços dos Carvalho, the steep slopes of Serra de Pevide or the water roofs of Serra do Ventoso.


we cross with a passage on the path of Fátima that intersects the Ecopista

At the end of the Ecopista, we cross the tunnels that lead us to the bottom line of the route.


Arriving at the Corredora Picnic Park we have the possibility to make a small detour from the trail and go up the path of the Moinhos. A slightly steep climb that takes us through several windmills until we reach the geodesic landmark, when we can see the sea and in the north the Serra dos Candeeiros.


We followed the last 5 km of the route, now on more rural paths and surrounded by more scrub and surrounded by trees. In the distance we can see mountain ranges that transport us to stunning scenery.


Almost at the end of the trail, after a short climb through the woods, we found the something special ... "Elias place". A nice wooden house, with all the conditions for walkers to rest and have a meal or drink right in the heart of nature. An indescribable feeling

We finished our walk shortly after, again next to the Bezerra football field, where we toasted another beautiful trail made in this beautiful country of ours.

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