#20 - Cascais walkways

Looking for walkways around Cascais? I leave here two suggestions of two different walkways. While in one we walk among golden dunes very close to the sea, in the other we venture more into the housing center, but always with the nature component present.


This walkway, opened in 2012, with a length of about 2 km, is very close to Guincho beach, and can start at the Interpretation Center of Duna de Cresmina or on the opposite side, next to Hotel Fortaleza. Personally I like to do the walkway following a walk from Casa da Guia to Guincho, always following the sea and entering the walkways next to Hotel Fortaleza. After a 7km walk, it feels good to climb up to the Interpretation Center, sit down and drink a coffee, enjoy the surrounding landscape and then follow the walkways around the dunes and return by the initial path back to Casa da Guia. In total there are about 14 km always with the sea to accompany our walk.

For those who like something not so tiring, then just park next to the Interpretation Center and make from there only 2 km of walkways.

Information leaflet here


Foto by (Camara Municipal de Cascais)

The footbridges of Ribeira das Vinhas are part of the pedestrian / clickable trail with the same name that, in a 3km extension, connects Alvide to Cascais. This is considered the 1st phase of this route that opened in August 2017 and in its subsequent phases the connection to Murches and Pisão may appear as an information sign at the beginning of the route next to the Cascais Market.

In addition to the restructuring and cleaning carried out on the 10 hectares of land that surround the route, we can also appreciate some works of art created by the artist Tiago Hacke who transformed rainwater covers and some large stones into authentic works of art, presenting paintings of species existing in the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, as well as mills and watermills.


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