#19 - A Wild Adventure Park

It was last September, in a week of activities related to nature, that I took a leap to an adventure park for a long time in the "sights" ... Pena Aventura Park, where the maximum adrenaline is guaranteed.

Pena Aventura Park is located in the North of Portugal, in Ribeira de Pena (Vila Real district), and was designed for all those who love nature and radical activities. There are several activities that the Park offers (totaling 21 different activities), divided by the mythical four elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire), requiring more than one day to enjoy all of them. Me, I stayed for three of the ones that motivated me more to try:

ALPINE COASTER (in the morning)

The Alpine Coaster is nothing more than a kind of roller coaster built in the middle of the trees, descending at breakneck speed during 700 meters of curves and loopings. The trip can be done alone or in pairs. Having made the descent in both ways I always suggest the double strand because the speed obtained is much higher and the adrenaline is much higher.

FANTASTICABLE (in the morning)

This was undoubtedly the activity that literally took me to heaven. Imagine yourself flying, hanging from a cable, at an altitude of 150 meters, and "flying" at 130 km / hour over a distance of almost 1.6 km! The sensation is indescribable and makes us want to repeat it as soon as we finish the trip! This is considered one of the largest slides / fantasticables in the world.

CANYONING (in the afternoon)

This activity is divided into three levels depending on the experience of the participants (easy, medium and difficult) and is carried out on one of the three sections of the River Poio (depending on the chosen level). It is necessary a minimum group of 5 people to be able to do for what we (who were only two) had to join another group and make the route considered easy but that, even so, allows us to venture good jumps, abseiling and climbing, as well as enjoying a very beautiful natural environment.

There is no lack of desire to return to Pena Aventura PArk very soon and try out the rest of the activities and, of course, feel the freedom to fly in Fantasticable again !!!!!

Finally, I recommend visiting the Park in the month of September, away from the crowds of the summer months. There was practically no one at the time we went so we can enjoy the activities without any waiting time.

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