#12 - A Farm for All

It was a very short time ago that we discovered Quinta do Pisão, a pedagogical farm located in the Sintra mountains, very close to the Rio da Mula dam, guided by a very well maintained natural scenery and of enormous cultural and landscape beauty.

The Quinta is ideal for a family outing, where children and adults can enjoy the pedestrian paths (a main one of about 5.5 km and several secondary ones) that extend between the valleys and pastures with green mantle (reminiscent of the alpine landscapes ), two ponds, places to have lunch, always accompanied by the presence of horses, donkeys, ponies, sheep, who present us with all their sympathy as soon as we approach.

In addition to healthy walks, or a bike ride, the Quinta also offers recreational activities such as horse riding, donkey, bee studies, which must be booked in advance (link at the end of the post).

I visited this Quinta twice and twice in the winter but always with sunny days which further enhances the green that surrounds us in an indescribable beauty.

One of the spots that I love most on this farm is undoubtedly the Eira dos Fornicos where we can sit and, for a few moments, travel with the landscape that faces us and the sounds of nature that surround us.

One of the highlights is the presence of a magnificent organic vegetable garden where we can harvest a variety of healthy foods ourselves. It is one of the highlights of the Quinta. Here, just harvest what you want (depending on the season), weigh the harvest and make payment at the time.

In terms of cultural and archaeological heritage, Quinta do Pisão offers us the possibility of getting to know the Porto Covo cave (small natural cave), the Nossa Senhora da Conceição chapel and the huge Forno de Cal ruin.

Next to the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição, we find a natural sculpture by the environmental artist Stuart Ian Frost, entitled "Rise and Fall". In it we can observe hundreds of engravings made by the artist in an eucalyptus that dried and died due to drought, reminding the same hundreds of drops of water to fall or tears shed, thus trying to draw attention to urgent environmental issues such as lack of water and changes climate change.

I usually end the tour near the interpretation center because there is nothing better than stopping and relaxing with a coffee on the terrace with a view of the green that surrounds us.


I end with a commendation to the Cascais City Hall, responsible for the creation and dynamization of this wonderful and special nature park. For more information and booking activities: OFFICIAL PAGE

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