#11 - 2019 a year full of LIFE

Dear blog followers, I know that for some months I have not published any updates or content and I apologize for the fact. The truth is that the little time I have available, outside of my work activity, I have made the most of it to fill me with moments and emotions in outdoor activities and adventures in this country abroad and time to write has been none.

Most of my shares of these fantastic moments have been made through my Instagram account as it is a more practical and immediate platform for sharing feelings. Anyway, as an objective for the new year to come, in addition to many adventures, discoveries, hikes and dreams to fulfill, I also aim to keep this blog dynamic and updated, so I hope to receive your feedback and keep following it as you did until the last post a while ago. Also developing my Youtube channel where, whenever I can, I will post vlogs and videos of adventures and moments like the ones experienced this year and that many have already been able to watch through my Instagram account. But for those who didn’t watch here goes :

With 2020 at the door, with many objectives as I mentioned. Trips outside Portugal, trips inside Portugal, new involvement in communion with nature, discovery of new trails and much more. Follow me here and on the other platforms where I am.

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to leave you here the wishes of a year 2020 full of positivism, energy, enjoy and enjoy life, relativize problems, enjoy moments and be happy .... LIVE life

Some moments of this year that could (or still can) originate future posts :)


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