#8 - The Cape Peaks

We all know that Cabo da Roca offers us panoramic views of the Serra de Sintra, the ocean and the entire coastline around it. Here, where the land ends and the sea begins, we can walk along beautiful trails north of the Cape that pass through beautiful beaches such as Praia da Ursa or Praia da Adraga (soon I will talk about them), but few know the beauty that lies to the South Cabo by unmarked trails ready to be explored. It was one of these trails that we decided one day to explore and discover its charms.

The trail that we have already done twice (in summer and winter), called by us as the "10 summit trail", begins on a descent south of the Cabo da Roca monument, a descent that must be done with be careful because in addition to the steep slope, it is a little slippery due to the terrain that is essentially composed of earth and loose stones. This descent takes us to the Vale do Louriçal which in turn gives access to a beautiful secluded beach (Praia do Louriçal) but whose access is not very easy for most people as the passage is made through some very steep areas which may cause some confusion for those who have vertigo or fear of heights. The times we did this path we chose not to go down as we would lose some time and our aim was to discover what is beyond the Cape peaks.    

We continue on this path, climbing the first summit to the top, among undergrowth that extends over the too steep slope that we are climbing and always with the ocean as a company and a breathtaking view that gives us energy and strength to continue.

Arrived at the top, we have an exceptional view to the beach of Assentiz. This is also a secluded beach that can be accessed by canoe, jet ski or boat. Perfect place to be completely isolated from the world.

We continued on our way, going up and down the ridges that were in front of us. We counted a total of ten peaks, the first four being the most complicated since the ascents and descents require some resistance of legs due to its steep inclination so it is necessary to be minimally physically prepared to do them.

Halfway, and in the rainy season, we can find small and unexpected waterfalls that dance between the rocks and dive to the bottom of the cliffs.

At the top of the third summit, for the most courageous, there is a passage between the rocks that will lead to a point so high and of a strategic position that it allows us to have a unique 360º view over the whole surroundings and where we can feel for moments in the top of the world. It should be noted that this passage is not at all easy to do, especially at the beginning, in which it is necessary to climb and jump between rocks until reaching a more straight path that will lead to that point. But I guarantee that once done, that vision, that moment, will remain in our memory forever.

The path continues for a few more ridges that are drawn in front of us, but it was time to return because the way back was still long. There, we stipulate the objective of one day to go as far as possible, towards the south, perhaps even to Guincho beach. It will be on a next adventure in these beautiful and dangerous peaks of the Cape

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