#4 - The Magic Waterfall

A few years ago I discovered a magical place close to my home that at the time very few people knew about. Located to the northwest of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, near the village of Anços, there is a beautiful waterfall that plunges gracefully over the escarpments of the Mourão River, which, when it is full, gives rise to other smaller but equally beautiful waterfalls. I remember that at the time I was fascinated to feel like I was in Gerês but right here close to home.

"Happiness is only real when shared" - Happiness is only real when shared, said Christopher Alexander "Supertramp" McCandless, the young man who ventured out alone in search of happiness in the midst of Alaskan wilderness but who, in the last moments of his life, comes to the conclusion that, however much happiness you may feel, it is only real when shared with someone.

It was this premise that made me return to this beautiful place, in the spring season, as it is the best time to visit as the river is full, but this time in the company of someone very special with whom I could share my happiness as well as feel her happiness

It was just after 8:00 am when we started on this 8km hike on the way to the Waterfalls. There was no no one near, it was a very cold morning this day but with a run we immediately warmed up our legs.

This time I decided to take the opposite route, starting next to the small village of Barreiros and heading towards the Mourão river where we came across the first crossing that made us freeze our feet with the translucent and cold water that ran between the stones.

After crossing the river we followed the dirt track, sometimes with difficulty due to some mud that we found along the way but always with a smile on our face, contemplating the landscape that surrounded us. We walked about 3,5 km when we started to hear the magic sound of the force of the water falling and we took advantage of some passages to appreciate the river and the green and humid landscape.

Closer and closer, with the sound of the water falling harder and faster, we walked towards you at an accelerated pace and finally arrived. Natural beauty in all its splendor was in front of us. We crossed the river over the rocks that lurked above the water and now, the happiness I felt a few weeks ago when I arrived here alone, doubled my partner's happiness in this adventure.

Alexander "Supertramp" you were right!

In the meantime, I already have with me an alternative trail to the waterfalls with a few more kilometers, covering some of the most beautiful rural areas of Sintra and passing through the cliff of Lexim. Exploring very soon :)

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  1. :) Obrigada pela experiencia <3 always Hapiness is only real when is shared. Keep going


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